CluB53 sticker Long

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Delivery Time 1 - 10 Days

Our well known  Window sticker.
Easy to apply, weather proof.
Colour: White/ Your choice

Our famous CluB53 Sticker! Want to show that you are proud of your modified R53? Stick this to it and everybody knows.

Choice your perfect colour to match your car!


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12cm x 4cm

Product details

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Colour: White/your choice
Type: Die Cut Vinyl

Material: Oracal

Adhesive: Solvent based permanent

Indoor Durability: Up to 10 years

Outdoor Durability: Up to 6 years


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Step 1

Pick the right conditions. Apply the decal on a warm, dry day or in the garage.

Step 2

Clean the glass with mild soap and water. Use a cloth to dry window to assure no lint or dust specks get on the decal.

Step 3

Assemble the right tools for the job: masking tape, squeegee (or credit card)

Step 4

Put the decal where you want it.

Step 5

Use the squeegee or credit card to press the backing. Watch as you peel off the backing. If any of the decal lifts off the glass, press it back down

Step 6 

Enjoy your CluB53 Sticker!