About Us

Every Club has a tale to tell. And our story so far has been anything but ordinary! 
But when we pulled together as a team, there was always one constant—the drive to perfect our club and become a recognized name in our field. Even as our club has grown, we've never lost our desire to create quality content and spread knowledge  . And there are lessons to be learned with each new challenge. 

What makes us not so average?

R53 Owners Club

Our Story


So how did our not so Average Owner Club started? A Question many times asked by our members. On this page you will find the idea, the creation and the story behind the club as what it is today.


In the year of 2013 Davy started with selling GEN1 R53 parts; what started in an small rented garage (regularly flooded and no toilet) was obviously long term too small for growing demand.  In 2016 Davy moved his business to a bigger warehouse, better facilities and more space for parts. Davy’s place quickly grew to Benelux and Germany’s place to be for your GEN1 parts and is now known as GeaR53 with customers worldwide.


Friendships were build:

Outside Davy off course, all your current admins have one similarity: we started as a customer of GeaR53. As demand grew Davy sometimes invited us to learn the in- & outs of a GEN1 by together taking apart a newly arrived car. You can say: a win – win situation for both sides. Many days and nights were spend in the warehouse and friendships were build. Off course time was also spend on our own cars and with GeaR53 as our home base (read: club house) tuning never ended and still has not ended to this date. 


MITP 2017:
In the summer of 2017 the group of friends traveled to Mini In The Park (MITP) at Santa Pod speedway; 4 guys in a R52 Turbo (davy’s car) and 2 guys in a R53 Sprintex (Marcel’s previous car). It would become one of our most memorable times we spend together; with our cars displayed on the “Modern Mini” magazine stand, the live ¼ mile races and hanging out with the guys at the 1320 shop. (Final tuning of Davy’s R52 Turbo). 


A Club was born:
As we drove back home from this awesome weekend we all agreed that there was no dedicated international online club focused on GEN1 Mini’s. A club dedicated to tuning, a club with knowledge and answers to serious questions and a club that does what it stands for. And the name….  CluB53.


We started with a Facebook page and quickly progressed with an Instagram page. We do not care about the amount of members; quality over quantity is our motto. We care about your love for GEN1 Mini’s and how you express it. If you are a member of CluB53 you should care about tuning and also a member to get and to share information. Club rules that back up these statements can be found on the CluB53 Facebook page as: “General Club Info”.



With our own website; www.theclub53.com we opened a portal to sell the highly requested merchandise, tell some awesome build story’s and present our partners. We are always trying to offer the best products to our Members! 
Want to become a partner too? Send us a message! 


How can I become a Member?:
Easy, just apply on our facebook group. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow our CluB53 Instagram! Want to make sure we can keep posting awesome content? Help us by buying a product from our website! 

Future: Making the best content for all our members. There are a lot of things in the pipeline that will keep you entertained! Video’s, Pictures, Posts, Give-Aways, meetings, Trackdays… 

R53 owners club