Club53 Trackday Zolder 2022

Wow! As admins of CluB53 we needed a moment to get our feet back on earth after such a fantastic edition of our trackday.

It is the common interest in these generation of cars that brings a sense of togetherness, (new) friendships arise and there is always the endless drive to help each other selflessly. Whatever mod stage your car is in, you are here and you belong here with us. 

This togetherness was certainly expressed in the moment we took to commemorate the tragic accident of Dave op 't Root. His death is unfortunately the moment that should reminds us all of the dangers of speed. As mentioned earlier, we dedicate our 2022 trackday to Dave. RIP.

To sum up:

We were able to welcome just over 50 first generation Mini Coopers. This made us the largest car club present at the track that day. We had a variety of setup's present based on Eaton compressor, Sprintex compressor, Rotrex and Turbo builds. Some members have driven the necessary mm rubber off the tyres and / or have been told by the circuit supervisor that their car is too loud (). We laughed, had a moment for Dave, shared information and gave each other inspiration for the next mod.

Our admin Megan shot the necessary photos, it will take some time to filter and process them. They will be released as soon as possible on our Facebook group as we will also be posting from them regularly for our instagram. If you have taken track-day photos and want to share them with us don't forget to tag us for a possible repost. (#club53)

If you want to support our club, check out our online webshop for merchandise and some smart mods. 

Finally, if you have any suggestions for the next edition, feel free to send them to us via PM.

On behalf of CluB53: THANKS!


Club53 Trackday Zolder 2023

Get Ready for another CluB53 trackday!
Last year we smashed all Circuit Zolder records as there never were this many cars of the same type ever (50)!
Let's try to beat that record this year!

The CluB53 trackday is the perfect day to meet other members and to see what your car can do on the famous Circuit Zolder! 
Ps: ONLY FIRST GEN (R53,R52,R50)!


CluB53 Austria Roadtrip

More Info soon.