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Not your average Owners Club

Hello, and welcome to CluB53! Good that you are here!
Whether you're new to the CluB53 community, or a longtime friend, we hope you find what you're looking for. Enjoy your R53!

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Our Facebook Group and page 

Hi and welcome to CluB53! we're all about the R53/R52S.

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Our Instagram

Want to see some pretty R53 Pictures and story's? Come and follow us on the gram! 

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Our story

Like all great things, we started small. We were some friends with great ideas and got started. And that has led to something beautiful!



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About us 

CluB53 started with an idea on the famous Santa Pod Raceway when 5 friends where attending MITP 2017. There was lack of one thing. A modified Specific R53 Owners Club! And not just your average one. 
What started with a post on Instagram in August 2017 turned into a daily thing!  Let's bring all modified R53 owners together.

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Say hello To our Spotify List!

You can now add your favourite songs to our spotify playlist! 
The playlist is open to everybody so be carefull what you add! 
Go ahead and give it a go!