Aluminium coolant tank

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Enhance your experience with the R53 Aluminium coolant Tank. Proven in the Alps, it guarantees reliability in daily use.  Convenient features include a transparent viewing window and a secure sealing tank cap. Elevate your cooling system with precision and style.

Product Information

This aluminium coolant Tank is a reliable solution for R53 owners seeking durability and improved performance.
 Unlike the standard plastic tanks, which are prone to cracking and leaking, this tank has undergone thorough testing in the Alps and has been successfully used in four daily-driven cars. 
Its design has been refined multiple times to ensure a perfect fit.

The inclusion of a transparent viewing window allows for easy monitoring of the coolant level, providing convenience and peace of mind. 
Additionally, the tank comes equipped with a proper sealing tank cap, ensuring a secure closure. 

Size or Dimensions

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Product Details

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The R53 aluminium Tank offers:

  1. Reliability:
    • Addresses cracking and leaking issues common in standard plastic tanks.
  2. Proven Performance:
    • Thoroughly tested in the Alps and used longterm in four daily-driven cars.
  3. Perfect Fit:
    • Optimized design for an exact fit, legs in original mounting holes.
  4. Convenient Monitoring:
    • Transparent viewing window for easy coolant level checks.
  5. Secure Closure:
    • Includes a proper sealing tank cap for added reliability.

Special Instructions

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Note: Embrace the art of installation with the R53 Coolant Tank. Each tank, like a unique piece, may require a touch of adjustment. Whether it's fine-tuning the holders for the lower support legs, or the upper screw. 

Additional tube for overflow  not included. 
Check and tighten  front window screw and upper nipple before installation.