CluB53 Tote Bag

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The CluB53 tote bag is perfect to carry with you day in and day out. This large bag with handles offers plenty of space. So you can take whatever you want with you, regardless of whether you have to work or whether you want to go out for a fun day driving. The fashionable tote bags are as stylish as they are practical.

Did you know?

To tote is old English for "carry", and toting meant as much as "lugging your stuff in some sack or bag". Gradually the word tote no longer referred to carrying, but the bag itself.

A fashionable appearance goes very well with a sustainable life. That certainly applies to the tote bags. These bags contribute to an environmentally conscious society because they are sturdy and last a long time.


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38cm x 35 cm

Product Details

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Material: Canvas
Durable Zipper
Printed on both sides.

Special Instructions

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Keychain not included.