CluB53 Air Freshener

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Delivery Time 1 - 10 Days

The Air Freshener from CluB53 is stylish, and smells good.  

You simply hang up the freshener in your R53 and you are assured for at least 30 days... 

Product Information

We all know that new car smell, in a R53 that was a long time ago! But we can help you. We offer our CluB53 air refreshers in 3 scents: Cherry, lemon and New Car Smell! 

Size or Dimensions

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8cm x 8cm

Product Details

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The air freshener can come in 3 scents. Lemon, Cherry or New Car Smell. 
You cannot choose this fragrance and will be sent at random.

Special Instructions

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Club53 cannot guarantee the strength of the fragrance.
If you find it too strong, leave plastic wrapping on half way for 1-3 days.  (Will not smell good in a prius.)