CluB53 Intercooler Dam Air Fin Black V2.0

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Use this  New improved CluB53 Dam air diverter fin to create a better airflow to your intercooler. 
Reduce temps and get a better performing Intercooler. It not only works really well, it also looks good in your Engine bay!

Price is for 1 piece,  buy  2 pieces for even better performance.. all details below. 

Product Information

The CluB53 Dam Air diverter fins are an easy to install upgrade to your aftermarket intercooler, but also work perfectly with OEM (if you have lost your IC cover). Using CFD the CluB53 Dam air fins have been designed to force more air flow through the intercooler vanes, rather than flowing over the top, to improve the cooling effect on your intake air temps. Allowing peak power & torque to be maintained for much longer.

Data from CFD simulation and real world testing shows the kind of improvements you can gain with one and two diverter fins fitted. 

Based on data from a 21% reduced pulley supercharger, a 3 degree Celcius drop in IAT’s were recorded after a 2nd Dam Air fin was installed, which after a reported 10 degree Celcius initial drop with the first fin install yields a healthy improvement to both steady state and peak IAT’s as well as reducing recovery time from heat soaked conditions.

The CluB53 Dam air diverter fin is a must have when your car is running a reduced pulley, it not only works really well, it also looks good in your Engine bay!

Special Instructions

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Fitting is easy:
Remove the protective layer from the double sided tape before fitment. 
Comes with cleaning wipe.

what do you get? 

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Price is One piece. 
Use 2 air dams for better performance. 
Comes with cleaning wipe.