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CluB53 sunstrip. Can be fitted to the front of the car, reduces glare from the sun and gives your R53 that sporty look.

Product Information

Do you know the feeling when that sun is just too low and you have trouble looking at the road in your R53? Look no further.
We got you covered! This high Quality sunstrip Will solve this problem and will make you R53 look even more awesome.


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Perfect fit for your R53/R52S Windscreen

Product details

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Sunstrip don't need trimming to fit. 


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Step 1: Windscreen prep (the MOST important part)

Step 2: Measure twice, fit once

Step 3: One side at a time!

Step 4: Squeegee Time

Step 5: Repeat for the other side 

Step 6: Trim (if needed), Safety First

Don't wash your car the first 24 hours after applying.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.